An opportunity for you to delve into the connection between mind and body - discovering strategies to form a strong and balanced relationship with self


MY EARTH KITCHEN PACKAGE //                                                  FROM $249


This package is for the individual who is ready to take action & start their journey with a bang! This offer includes:

* One 75-minute initial wellness consultation

* Grocery store tour

* In-home personal cooking experience

Each component of this package is aimed at ensuring you are able to feel confident and at ease in beginning your journey towards a balanced and healthier you. These first few steps can be huge for someone just starting - so it is here that I would love to be able to offer as much support & knowledge as possible, and provide the tools necessary to ensure that this journey feels achievable and realistic for you. 

We will work together to discuss your current health & wellness goals, and recommendations will be offered. We will shop together for all the necessary ingredients needed to stock your kitchen beautifully, and spend some time in your space creating five of your chosen recipes that are sure to get your creative mind flowing & have you feeling confident in your kitchen. 

You will leave feeling empowered and optimistic about enforcing realistic and achievable health goals and eating habits into your life so that you can feel your best every day.