What can a holistic nutritionist help you with?


As a holistic nutritionist, we will focus on achieving an optimal level of health through forming a strong connection between the mind & body. Health is not just about feeling "good", it's about striving to reach a state of flow, where you thrive and feel energised, happy and fulfilled. A holistic nutritionist will view the body as a whole, realising that each part operates in a synergistic way, and relies on each other to function optimally. 

The focus is on healing the body through dietary recommendations, while freeing the mind through lifestyle changes and mindfulness practice. I wish to empower individuals to truly recognise their bodies natural healing abilities, so that they can realise that it is never about what google says, or a magazine, or even a health expert, but it is what lies inside them that will prevent and alleviate disturbances in their bodies. Once you are able to take the necessary steps in reconnecting with your body and truly understanding the way it functions, then you will be in tune with knowing what it requires and the best ways to ensure it functions at optimal levels. How can we achieve this state?

Through practicing mindfulness, reconnecting to your intuition, passion & purpose, finding that gut-brain communication, becoming aware of your triggers and stressor, and understanding how the body works at an anatomical level. 


A holistic nutritionist realises that each individual is unique - with different digestive systems, stress tolerance levels, and nutrient requirements - and this knowledge is used to support the client as a unique being, catering to their specific needs & desires to encourage an ideal state of health. With this knowledge, a nutritionist can help you to develop and implement realistic and achievable health goals, meal plan and develop unique recipes for your bodies present needs, and offer dietary and lifestyle recommendations that will lead you on the path to achieving your version of optimal health and wellbeing. 

Some health disorders that a holistic nutritionist can assist you with include, but is not limited to: 


digestive disorders / insomnia / sleep disorders / hormone imbalance

energy imbalance / headaches / food cravings / nutrient deficiencies

food allergies, intolerances & sensitivities / blood sugar balance 


Always remember that this healing journey is for YOU and requires YOUR dedication. The advice & recommendations are for guidance, and to offer support and knowledge when required ... the real transformation is in your hands, and requires a deep understanding and connection with your body & your needs - recognising what makes you feel terrible and what makes you feel alive and joyful. Once you have a  grasp on that, you have the ability to heal your body and live your life the way you want to - full of energy to thrive.

I am so happy that you have taken the first step to discovering how you can support your body and mind holistically, and I look forward to offering you guidance, knowledge, and sometimes a little push, to help you achieve all that you wish.