welcome to my earth kitchen - a space to create, nourish, inspire and connect.


As a business school graduate, holistic nutritionist, food enthusiast and outdoor-loving woman, I have a huge passion for all things that are environmentally focused & which promote a balanced, sustainable life. 

what is my mission?


 To inspire the people around me to take the small steps to becoming healthier, happier beings. I wish to empower individuals to take control of their health... educating people to realise their natural ability to heal and thrive, given the right environment and space to do so. To treat our bodies with respect, our environment with love, and our lives with presence and forgiveness. Once you are able to reconnect at this deeper level, you will find reconnection with the natural rhythm of nature - balancing energy, sleep, and hormones. To realise that we do not need to rely on anyone else to achieve "our version" of health is incredibly empowering and exciting, and I hope that you find some tools here to get you started on that journey.

how did I end up here?


This lifestyle began when I was a little babe, spending hours in the kitchen with my grandmother, and learning the science of baking. Within a few years I realised that what really fascinated me about cooking was the ability to transform raw ingredients from the earth into something that was both delicious and nourishing for our bodies and minds. I began to shift my focus into learning about the science of each ingredient - the nutrients they contain and the magical benefits they offer us. I spent hours sifting through blogs, websites, and books, continuously absorbing new information, which in turn led me to realising my passions. My days were filled with experimental kitchen successes and disasters, reading books on organic and biodynamic farming, alternative medicine practices, energetic healing, and our bodies. 

What really transformed my learning was spending quality time working alongside inspirational chefs such as my dear friend Rani Silva, at some of Australia and New Zealand's most reputable wellness retreats. He shared with me his passion for gut health, farm-to-table eating, and raw cooking. I spent hours watching him in the kitchen, moving with ease and comfort. I was once again fascinated and inspired to continue my education in this field. I brought my new knowledge home with me and began sprouting, fermenting, and dehydrating. I decided to go back to the roots of food- inspired by traditional cooking, especially by Sally Fallon's books and recipes - and began buying dried grains and legumes again, enjoying each and every step involved in rinsing grains, soaking them, cooking or sprouting... milling my own grains for fresh flour, rolling oats, making broths, and fermenting breads and baked goods. It was obvious that this was a space where I could completely lose myself, as hours would pass without me even knowing it... this was my happy space. I went on to spend more time in New Zealand, working on organic and biodynamic farms, with a medicinal herbalist making tinctures and salves, and at a raw honey farm.

I realised that I also loved getting back to the real roots of food - the processes and effort it takes to plant a seed, give it love and space to grow, harvest it, prepare it and enjoy it. It reminded me of how we should treat our own bodies. A long, timely, but rewarding process that we have become so disconnected with in our modern society. Our busy lifestyles and stressful careers have left us confused about what is good for our bodies and what fuels our souls - we are constantly looking for the perfect diet, ingredient or supplement to make us "healthy", without realising that the cure is right here in front of us.. to reconnect with nature and our bodies to support a state of health and wellbeing. To do this, we need to realise that our health is invaluable ... we must not compromise quality food for larger quantities at low prices.

After working as a full-time cook in an organic kitchen, and then as a private chef to clientele, I realised I wanted to learn more about the food itself - I wanted to begin answering some of the "whys" - why is this vitamin or that mineral beneficial? Why are antioxidants important? What happens to our cells when they are stressed? Happy? With disease or without disease? I was seeking the opportunity to dig deeper and expand my level of learning. I enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, Canada.. packed my bags and went off. And here, my questions were answered. I was taught more about our bodies at a cellular level, how we digest, absorb, assimilate... herbal medicine making... the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies every single moment, and the psychology side of disease. It all came with ease, like I had learned it before in a past life and was just reintroducing it back into my brain. I was overjoyed. Not only that, but I learned about myself... my own patterns, my purpose, and behaviour. I delved into the zero-waste game, and made every effort to learn about food sourcing, sustainable agriculture, and a just food system. I enjoyed the challenge that came with making my life more sustainable - from vastly reducing all single-use plastic from my life, shopping only at used clothing stores and only buying what I needed, riding my bicycle, and supporting small, local businesses.

my wish now is to share this knowledge with the people around me... whether that be to inspire, or spark that little something inside your brain to make a change, form a habit, or continue to maintain a lifestyle that promotes a balanced, happy life. 


Kait Allen

Certified Nutritional Practioner (CNP)

Bachelor of Business, Marketing & Business Law

Certified Craniosacral Therapist (CCT)